About “Bike the Line”

update: we’ve updated the About page.

We’re biking along the route of Enbridge’s Line 5 crude oil pipeline this summer to connect with communities living along the pipeline and to help mobilize to get it shut down! Join us!

The idea to organize a bike trip that traced the flow of Line 5 in reverse began from discussions within various groups organizing to decommission Line 5. People shared a desire to re-connect with the human face that has the pipeline literally running through their backyards.

There has been a lot of opposition to the line, including resolutions from four tribal communities and dozens of resolutions from local governments and municipalities calling for the immediate retirement of Line 5.

We want to add to this chorus of opposition and help amplify the voices of people living along the pipeline. And we want to do so in a way that connects us to the beautiful Michigan landscape and doesn’t totally rely on fossil fuels—we want to complete the trip on our bikes.

Some of the project’s goals are:

  1. Spreading awareness about Line 5 to the communities that live along the pipeline.
  2. Connecting with residents about the dangers of the pipeline and what to do when it spills.
  3. Energizing the movement to shut down line 5.

Check out About Line 5 to learn more about the issues, Route of the Line to learn more about the route, and Contact Us if you’d like to get involved or just learn more!