So, what exactly are you doing?
We’re biking along the route of Line 5 this summer.  Canvassing communities, hosting awareness raising events along the pipeline route. All to help get Line 5 shut down.


Tentatively, Part I is in late May and early June, and Part II runs from early July to late August. There’s a month-long hiatus because it works with the organizers’ schedules. See the events page for a schedule of events.


There is growing concern around the safety of this aging crude-oil pipeline. It’s operated by Enbridge, a company with a proven unsafe track record. And it runs through the Straits of Mackinac, constantly threatening some of the largest bodies of freshwater on the planet.


But why now?
People in Michigan have become increasingly concerned about this pipeline, particularly since 2013, when Enbridge applied to increase its throughput by 10%. There is growing momentum amongst concerned groups and individuals in Michigan to help get this pipeline shut down. We want to add to this momentum and think this is the right time to start reaching out to those communities that actually live along this pipeline.


I'm so interested! How do I sign up to ride?
Sign up right here!


I want to participate, but don't have a bike!
That’s okay!  We can help you with that. The sooner you let us know, the easier it’ll be for us to hook you up with one.


Do I *have* to bike in order to participate in canvassing or other Bike the Line events?
No! There are certain portions of the pipeline route that are densely populated enough that participants could canvass on foot with us, particularly from Marysville to Bay City. And anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in our key events! You can still use the sign up form and someone will be in touch with you to discuss more.


Do I have to sign up for the *whole* trip or can I just participate for like a few days/weeks?
You can definitely sign up for whatever times or places you’re available to canvass with us and do not have to commit to the whole thing.


I'm interested in helping out in some other way!
Great! Use this form to sign up to host an event, or host the riders, or support in some other way!


I'm a college student. Can I get college/internship credit for doing this?
Maybe! You’ll probably have to proactively research this with your school, but we’re happy to work with you and with school officials to help make this something you can get school/course/internship credit for.


I didn't see my question here. How should I get in touch?
Email us at biketheline@riseup.net or use the contact form.