Kickoff Rally!

press conference

On Wednesday, May 25th Bike the Line riders were met from our supporters to stage a proper bike-tour kickoff. Supporters from the Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands, Food and Water Watch, and the Council of Canadians helped to hold our gigantic banners.

The send-off was timed to pose an alternative narrative to Enbridge’s scheduled “Spill Response Training.” There were many different colored uniforms in Marysville that day: Enbridge employees, the Coast Guard, the Marysville police, and the U.S. Border Patrol.big banners

Their message was: “We are training so that a spill in the St. Clair river would be the ‘safest’ spill possible”.
Our counter-message: “There is no such thing as a safe spill. Shut down the pipeline.”

As we marched through through the sea of pipeline-responders, the various media that was there took notice. flagWe collectively did five different interviews. The Times-Herald of Port Huron wrote an excellent article, and our demonstration was mentioned on Michigan Radio as well. We also took some of our own videos of the press conference. Spirits were high as a representative read a solidarity statement written by Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians.

As the much-too-casual spill drill winded to a halt, Murtaza and Iona, the two bikers for the first leg of the trip, ensured their bikes were in working order and departed for the first round of door-knocking. As the day winded to a close, the riders could be found knocking on the doors of the residents of St. Clair county living just “upstream” from the spill drill. Over the next 2 weeks they will travel through St. Clair, Lapeer, and Tuscola County talking to every frontline residents along the way…

riding towards

Hang out with the bikers on June 4th at a Community Speaker Event in Reese!
11:00am to 1:00pm in the Reese Unity District Library.

2 thoughts on “Kickoff Rally!

  1. If you were doing an emergency response practice, why did n’t you contact emergency responders? Why didn’t you contact public healthers and scientists — some of whom have already laid out “in case of” plans for pipeline ruptures. I respect and support the actions, but if the professional realm isn’t invited to the practice event, they’re not going to be up to snuff when the real deal happens. I know not everyone would respond respectfully or show up if invited, but some of us would. Please don’t forget the rest of us.

    1. The emergency response practice was totally Enbridge’s thing, not our doing. We decided to kick off Bike the Line at the same time as Enbridge’s emergency response practice PR. But your questions are good questions to ask Enbridge…

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